Galvanised Dog runs

Galvanised dog runs are an ideal solution to housing your dog.   They can be stand alone and easily moved around the garden or 3 sided and secured to a wall or fence.   Some manufacturers offer a covered roof to protect your dog from not only therain but also offer a shaded area.

The galvanised bar panels normally come in 5cm or 8cm gap which is ideal to stop your dog from standing up or climbing the panels.  Another alternative is mesh panels which makes it more difficult to chew but easier to stand and climb.

If you are considering buying an outdoor dog run then keeping it clean is a essential to keeping your pet dog in good health. Putting a dog run direct to grass or gravel will be difficult to keep clean, and your dog could suffer poor health. Ideally, a galvanised dog run is best placed on a level concrete surface and made with at least 6 inches larger than the dog run.

Also a popular addition is a dog kennel or cabin. Which are available with or without insulation. With the addition of a comfy dog bed and bowl, it will be your dog perfect hideaway!